I recently changed our web hotel to surftown.dk

I think the deal is unbeatable. For DKK9/month (USD2/month) you get 150MB storage and 10GB traffic. Please understand that surftown defines storage as the sum of your web and all your mailboxes! So for instance you could have 15MB website and 9 mail accounts of 15MB, or just one mail account of 150MB ! Extremely flexible...

Also Frontpage extensions are offered at no extra cost. Subwebs are supported, and even with separate privileges (user names and passwords)

Mailboxes can be set up to be scanned for viruses and spam, again without extra cost!

Of course you get webmail access and detailed statistics, and a very nice control panel. Surftown has its own server center with two 1MB connections (not a sublease at someone else)

The transfer from my previous provider was very smooth and took less than 12 hours!

Also non .dk domains can be hosted, and for English language go to http://www.surftown.com


Best regards


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