Name:                               Per Ole Kristensen


Address:                           2 Pal Drive, Ocean, New Jersey, 07712, USA 


Telephone:                       Private:               +1 732 695 1104

                                          Fax:                     +1 732 695 0645

                                          Cellular:              +1 732 829 3226                                        


Age:                                  46 years old  - born May 3rd, 1954


Nationality:                        Danish


Languages:                      Danish, English, German


Family:                              Since 1989 married to Kirsten, English correspon­dent/­Personnel Development Consultant; two daugh­ters, Maj: 10 years and Lin: 8 years old, enrolled in 4th and 3rd grades at Wayside School, Ocean Township, NJ. Kirsten is a volunteer assistant at the Wayside School Library and a full-time student at Brookdale Community College, (major: psychology).


Interests:                           Electronics (amplifiers, personal computers, radio communica­tion), literature, badminton, Italian/Californian wines, orchids, exotic journeys.



1980:                                 Master of Science in Electronics Engineering, (M.Sc.EE) Danish Technical University, Lyngby, Denmark

                                           Sep. 1973 – Aug. 1980.

                                           Master thesis completed with an A-grade: Class D amplifiers, a novel technology with very high efficiency  


1973:                                 High school/Associate, (General Certificate), Copen­hagen, Denmark (major: mathematics/physics)


Feb.1998 –Jan.2001:     Golden Bridge Technology Inc.

                                          185 Rt. 36, West Long Branch, NJ, 07764, USA


Title:                                  Laborarory Director, VP Hardware


Working areas:                Manager of the hardware/RF laboratory, presently with a

                                           staff of 3 persons, gradual expansion is planned.

                                           The laboratory is responsible for emulating the ASIC’s

                                           being developed by the company, and for providing

                                           reference designs for prospective customers. Main RF activity

                                           in 2.4GHz ISM band for WCDMA WLL solution. Also

                                           development of RF for 3G WCDMA.


Budget:                             Responsible for laboratory budget of approx. US$300,000

                                           a year.



Jan.1995 – Jan.1998:     DANAMP, independent consultant, sole proprietor,

                                           Anyvej 16, DK-3500 Vaerloese, Denmark


Title:                                  General Manager

Working areas:

(projects)                          Specialized in radio frequency circuit development for

                                           telecom products.


1st project:                         Development of pagers for 152, 280,


Client:                                Hong Kong Productivity Council and Tele-Art, Hong Kong


2nd project:                       Radio Frequency module for cellular handset (GSM)

Client:                                Truly GSM Technologies, Ltd., Hong Kong



Oct.1991 - Dec.1994:     Hong Kong Productivity Council,

                                           78 Tat Chee Avenue, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Title:                                  Principal Consultant, head of telecommunication laboratory.

Working areas:

(projects)                          900 MHz cordless phone, development/type approval.

                                           Pagers for 150, 280, 450, and 900 MHz, development.

                                           AMPS/ETACS cellular handset transmitter/receiver, development.

                                           B-CDMA cellular handset 1800 MHz, development. 

                                           Manager of eight development engineers.


Sep.1980 – Sep.1991:   Philips Radio Kommunikations Industri A/S,

                                           Jenagade 22, DK-2300 Copenhagen S, Denmark.


Title:                                  Development Engineer, cellular phones development dept.

Working areas:

(projects) 1990/91           Antenna and EMC for hand portable cellular phone.

                 1989/90           Cost reduction and EMC improvement (AP6112) for hand por­table.

                                          RF ASIC-design planning and supervision.

                 1987/89           Receiver including synthesizer and VCO design and design

                                           supervision for low current hand portable cellular phone (NMT –


                 1987                Pre-study project for cordless phone.

                 1985/87           Synthesizer and VCO for mobile cellular phone (NMT - AP4111).

                 1983/85           Synthesizer and VCO for hand portable cellular phone (NMT 450


                 1981/83           Micro processor controlled user interface for private mobile radio

                                           (AP2000 - Falck)

                 1981                Base station control box (AP700)

                 1980/81           Keyboard, VCO and synthesizer improvements (NMT - AP3000)


Special areas:                 Search for/and test of new components suitable for future projects.

                                           Negotiations with foreign key suppliers.



1991-1994:                      Hong Kong Productivity Council external/internal training:

* Broadband CDMA for Personal Communications

Servi­ces, Hong Kong (HKPC, Dec. 93, 1 day) - (speaker)

* 3-D Managerial Effectiveness Seminar, Macau

(Busvine Associates Ltd., Oct. 92, 6 days)

* Global Positioning System: Principles and Practice, Holland (The George Washington University, Oct. 92, 4


* Modern Digital Modulation Techniques, Germany

(CEI Europe/El­se­vi­er, March 92, 4 days)

* Seminar on Mobile Radio and Cellular Technology, Hong Kong (HKPC, March 92 - 3 days)


1980-1991:                      Philips external/internal training:

                                           Digital signal processing

                                           Digital signal communication (satellite)

                                           Phase locked loops (advanced)


                                           Phase noise seminar

                                           Assembler programming

                                           Word Perfect 5.0 (word processing)

                                           Project management

                                           Creative thinking

                                           Personal development/Personal planning

                                           Total Quality Project




                            2000     Turkey, Istanbul and Ankara, GBT WCDMA technology

                                           demo for Koch Holding, Istanbul Municipality, and Ministry of


2000           China, Beijing, Ministry of Information Industries, seminar/demo

1999           Korea, Seoul, demo of GBT WCDMA technology to Samsung,

Lucky Goldstar, Huyndai (2 weeks)

1998           China, Beijing, demo of GBT WCDMA technology (1 week)

1997           Germany, Optimay (1 week)

1996           Hong Kong, HKPC

1995           U.S.A., New York, 5 x 2 weeks at ADTC, N.Y.

                            1995     Hong Kong/China, IICC, Shenzhen and TeleArt, HK

1993           China, Nanjing, visit to South East University of Nanjing (3 days)

1993           U.S.A., New York, 3 x 1 week at InterDigital

1993           U.S.A., Washington, Jackson, M-tel

1992           Denmark, Hoersholm, ElektronikCentralen EMC

1992           Germany, Munich, visit to Siemens, approval research consultant

(1 week)

1992           Japan, Tokyo/Osaka/Kyoto, purchasing mission with clients

1990           Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, future supplier relations and

Technical purchasing support (2 weeks)

1990           England, ASIC-design, LSI Logic (2 days)

1989           Germany, Nuremberg, Digital Signal Processing, Philips (2 days)

1989           Japan, Osaka, Japan Electronics Show (1 week)

1988           Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines (private tour) (17 days)

1988           Japan, Tokyo, Japan Electronics Show (1 week) 

1988           Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia (3 weeks)

1987     England, synthesizer redesign, Plessey (2 days)                  



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