Comparative shopping for software

PriceSCAN Comparative shopping for almost everything (my favourite site, almost always best price) Comparative shopping (covers everything, but not always extensive search or best price) Nice, but not always best prices. Has pricewatch feature Computers, not too user friendly interface Results not presorted with annoying pop-up windows. Searches for search-sites Review of schools Review of consumer products See usenet for review of (consumer products) Comparative shopping for consumer electronics Rating of sites

CNET Also owned by CNET Also owned by CNET Run by ZDnet Buy a home, run by MSN Buy a home Sell your house with 2% commission The premier site for auctions (of everything) See if you can have DSL installed at your location Very good site, information on setting up your hone network/hardware router etc. This site is a must if you are concerned of being "hacked". Very informative, read ZDnet review



General search: I highly recommend this application that "searches the search engines"




People e-mail search engine specific for Denmark, with links to other directories


Last update 08 Jan 2009