I'm Getting A Cell Phone!!!

        I was just told, on Saturday (3/5/05) that I could have a cell phone!!! My parents would pay for it and the bill (except for the calls to my friends, etc.)! The reason is because my sister got excepted to her dream vocational high school, CHS, and they promised her she could have a cell phone if she got it. My mom's cell phone is also REALLY bad, so she wanted one too, and so did my dad. I would be the only person without a cell phone. So, they made me a deal: I could have a cell phone, that they pay for, if I sell 100 boxes of Girl Scout cookies! Of course, I agreed. But if I don't sell them, I have to pay for them myself.

        So.... Would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies?!?! (Seriously, if you wanna, just call or email me: lin@kris.dk)


Here are some links to the phone we are getting: