-Compliments to Lin Kristensen, for making this page


Hi! I'm Chriss...... Lin just made this for me.... She's so nice! she's the sweetest, most beautiful, wonderful person, EVER!!

ok, that was me (Lin) writing, but... ur welcome Chriss!



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I swear, I do NOT know her, she just happens to live in the same house as me.....


Ok, well here's some stuff about me:

Hi! My name is Chriss. I'm in 5th grade. I do: Girl scouts, basketball, soccer, and cheerleading.

Here are my "Favorites":

fav band - Fall out boy
fav color - pink
fav flower - rose
fav food - CHEESE!!! (I KNOW I KNOW)
fav teacher - Mrs.Miller
fav font - bauhaus 93
fav acter - 50 cent, Usher, Eminem, Orlando Bloom
fav movie - Freddy Vrs. Jason
fav book - Sixth Grade Secrets, Fire-Us Series, TTYL

Favorite Links:





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