US Geological Survey Digital OrthoPhoto Quadrangle Image

The image you are viewing is 800 pixels wide by 600 pixels high. Each pixel represents 1 by 1 meters of earth. This image was extracted from a Color Infra-Red (CIR) digital orthophoto quadrangle provided by the USGS. To find out more information about this image, visit the USGS's Digital Backyard

The image was photographed on 29 Mar 1995 by the National Aerial Photography Program and digitized by the USGS DOQ Program on 22 Apr 1997. The image you are viewing can be downloaded at no charge to your PC. DOQ's may be purchased from selected USGS dealers. Alternatively, DOQ's may be obtained directly from the USGS.

The USGS DOQ below is projected in Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM) Zone 18 on the North American datum of 1983. The latitude and longitude in degrees, minutes, and seconds and the UTM coordinates in meters are shown for each image tile.

Our house is located at 74W 04' 18" and 40N 15' 24"
(74.072W and 40.257N)

1m per pixel

2m per pixel

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